Nicole Cimino is an italian actress, born in Rome from a family of small retailers and currently living in New York. She speaks four languages Italian, English, French and Spanish.

She started studying theatre in 1996 with director T. Otto Zinzi, she did her debut in the role of Anna Frank in the drama play The Wall which was followed by Conscience of Zeno and The blue wind of Madame Sauvage. A year later she worked in Les Bonnes by Jean Genet at the Centre Louis de France. She later moved to Milan and graduated in 2005 in Public relations and Advertising with full grades and honors. Back to Rome she dedicated dedicate herself completely to her acting career. From fundamentals with Marzia de Maria, breathing and voice study. Then got closer to the different acting approaches with a great interest for the working methodology of K.Stanislavskij, L.Strasberg, S.Adler, U.Hagen, M.Yakim, S. Meisner and S.Batson. She attended courses and workshops with acting coaches as B. Bracco, F. De Sapio, F. Viscardi, F. D'Anna, L.Damiani, Robyn Lee and Susan Batson. She is fond of Independent cinema and of Italian neorealism.

In 2007 her first job as the main character in the feature movie The quiet step of the heart directed by S. Asta, followed by a role in the documentary drama Criminal cities directed by M. Iannelli for TV channel LA7. 2009 began with the leading role in S.M. Violence kills (short film) written and directed by M. Pezzolla and the horror teaser Beware of the Dog directed by G. Bufalini.

She performed in Spain for the painting exhibition Soffioni by A. De Sando and a little role in the theatre play Play it again, Sam directed by G. Quinto. She did her singing debut in The Triad Theatre, New York coached by Mary Setrakian, performing Moon River and My heart belongs to daddy. She worked in several short movies, spec commercials, webisodes in Rome, Milan and New York such as (Allegory by T. Saydamer, Killer's Mind Fragmentum #5 by L. Benvisto, Norne and Valchiries by D. Caon and I. Mattei, Cattivi - Bad Friends by E. Tubertini, From both side now by S. Muilenburg, Henry Shine by B. Roedel, Luke Guldan Superstar by I. Gilbert, Trilogy of Anarchy by O. Biskin, Margaritas by L. Morales, Pepsi Max spec comemrcial series- Gone with the wind/ Dawn of the Dead by L. Benvisto, Doritos Spec commercial Zombieland by L. Benvisto, Durex Spec commercial I had a dream by L. Galeno, The Three of us by Kevin Davis).

Lasts projects include the feature movies Don Peyote starring Dan Fogler, Abel Ferrara, Anna Hathaway directed by M. Canzoniero and D. Fogler and To Redemption starring James McCaffrey, Kathrine Narducci, Chris Riggi.

She is also a filmmaker and partner of the production company Jack Boar Pictures, LLC where she works as actress, acting coach and director; last project is The Paper House report, a short-documentary written and directed to support the Greek immigrant Jerry Delakas struggling to keep his newsstand in Astor Place and screened at WIP, in NY last March.

She is partner of Actresses as Allies production/theatre company founded by actress Dani Baum last year and currently producing an original the play. She is also preparing a one woman show about the Italian icon Anna Magnani titled A night with Nannarella for the beginning of 2013.

Each project I do, theatre, tv, shorts, commercial or feature movies always give me the chance to nurture me, allowing myself to grow, enrich, discover and above all, I love the challenge to bring to life characters and stories.
I always try to put my passion for life and creativity in my art craft. I believe that if someone is an artist, there is not place for Ego, because you should be completely concentrate to tell the world something, the way you think you can do and inspire people.

So, to quote P. Mondrian the position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.

to be continued...


The Paper House report (short documentary)

myself as the Journalist N. Cimino, New York
To Redemption (feature movie)

Irina A. Oldini, New York and New Jersey
Don Peyote (feature movie)

Girl at the party M. Canzoniero, New York
Margaritas (short movie)

The Gangster - lead role L. Morales, New York
Mindless (short movie)

Jessie - supporting role B. Vlassenroot, New York
Killer's Mind: Fragmentum #5 (short movie)

The Woman - lead role L. Benvisto, New York
Trilogy of Anarchy (short movie)

The Prostitute - supporting role O. Biskin, New York
Henry Shine (short movie)

The Dancer B. Roedel, New Jersey
Luke Guldan Superstar (short movie)

Ilsa Lund - supporting role I. Gilbert and L. Guldan, New York
From both side now (short movie)

The Mistress - supporting role S. Muilenburg, New York
Bad Friends (short movie)

Sara - supporting role E. Tubertini, Rome
Norns & Valkyries (short movie)

The princess of the wood -lead role D. Caon and I. Mattei, Rome
Beware of the dog (feature movie trailer)

Giada - lead role G. Bufalini, Orvieto, Italy
Allegory (feature movie)

Italian woman - episode lead role Turkay Saydamer, Milan
Slot_machines (short movie)

Maddy - lead role M. Pezzolla, Rome
The quiet step of the heart (feature movie)

Giada - lead role S. Asta, Cosenza, Italy
The three of us (web series pilot, three episodes)

Renee - lead role L. Benvisto, New York
Criminal Cities (docu-fiction)

Clara Calabrese - episode lead role M. Iannelli, LA7 TV channel, Rome
Durex Spec Commercial - I had a dream

Teenager daughter - supporting role L. Galeno, New Jersey
Pepsi Max Spec Commercial - Gone with the wind

Scarlett O'Hara - lead role L. Benvisto, New York
Pepsi Max Spec Commercial - Dawn of the Dead

Girl chased by Zombies - lead role L. Benvisto, New York
Doritos Spec Commercial - Zombieland

Girl - lead role L. Benvisto, New York

The Muse - lead role A. De Sando painting Exibition, Madrid
Play it again, Sam

Vanessa - supporting role G.Quinto, Petrolini Theatre, Rome
Les Bonnes

Claire - lead role Centre Louis de France, Rome
Conscience of Zeno

Carla - supporting role T. O. Zinzi, Rome
The blue wind of Madame Sauvage

Doctor - supporting role T. O. Zinzi, Rome
The Wall

Anna Frank - lead role T. O. Zinzi, Rome
- Acting Training in Susan Batson Studio, New York;

- In the moment acting workshop, Robyn Lee, New York;

- Vocal Intensive Workshop, Mary Setrakian, New York;

- Acting training on Need and the fourth wall, Francesca Viscardi, Rome;

- Ballet & jazz at La Maison de la Dance, Modern jazz and hip-hop, Eva Mancini, Emanuela Panatta, Rome;

- Fully Alive on stage, Federico D'Anna, Rome;

- French Drama workshop at the Centre Louis de France, Rome;

- Diction, breathing and voice training, Marzia de Maria, Rome;

- Acting training, Rino Cassano, Beatrice Bracco, Francesca De Sapio, Rome;

- Drama workshop, T. O. Zinzi, Rome;

Knowledge of four languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French), dance, swimming, horse riding, tennis, skiing, biking, driving licence.